December 2007

Merry Christmas!

This year's Christmas photo shoot went remarkably smoother than last years. Probably because they are both camera hogs who will switch into super-smiling-cheese-mode at the glint of a camera lens.

Cute results, though.

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Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

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"Charlie, can you try and look cute and dainty, like a little lady?"

"Christian, put your chin on our hand like this."

"Ok, CJ, now pretend that you just put on daddy's aftershave."

"Ok, these photos aren't showing enough teeth. Charlie, can you smile super big?"

Another Photo Op

Man, they really love the camera. "Look, mommy is taking a picture! Smile!"
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Winter Fun

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Charlie really enjoyed getting outside, after being cooped up so long. Silly snow.

Mowing the lawn?

I'm not sure that Christian quite gets what a lawn mower is for. ;)

But, he was trying to help.

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A world record

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In an attempt to enter the Guinness book, CJ and Charlie worked to put 49 ornaments on one branch of the tree.

Detail Oriented

Charlie carefully decorates the tree.
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Now for the Star?

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CJ was not content to simply decorate from ground level. He spent half the time we were decorating climbing up and down the stairs to carefully hang ornaments.
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