January 2008

Stickers are fun...

To put everywhere. Our shirt, the house, even our face!
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Sticker attack!

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Dad, I'm closing my eye so the dinosaur doesn't get it.

He better have good insurance...

Because I don't think most companies will cover incidents of crashing your motorcycle when you attempt to take it off-road through a snow bank.
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Charlie and Baby

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What does it mean when your baby daughter starts to play with her baby? Is she all grown up? ;)

Rock Star in Training

The extra Guitar Hero controllers had better come out soon for the guitar, so he can practice playing, too.
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Rock Star in Training...

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taking a break and chilling with his guitarist.

And... artist in training.

She'd be a great artist, if she spent more time coloring, and less time carefully ripping the paper wrapper off every crayon. ;)
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